Reinforced duct tape

Reinforced selotape is a tape intended for closing heavy packages, gluing pipes, metal rods and other heavy materials. It is also used for gluing and joining sheet metal rolls, gluing wooden pallets, sealing packaging of dangerous materials and is suitable for dedicated industry.

The essential properties of the reinforced tape tape are as follows:
1. It is resistant to weather conditions
2. Don’t get old
3. It is resistant to various chemicals
4. It is easy to unroll
5. It can be removed without leaving any traces
6. Protects the product from misuse
7. Extremely resistant to tearing

The maximum length of this strip is 500m, and the maximum width is 300mm. It should be stored in a dry and dark place, at a temperature of +18°C to +22°C, humidity of 40% – 50%.