2B Solvent d.o.o. with headquarters in Zagreb, deals with the production and distribution of various types of self-adhesive packaging tapes and stretch films for home and commercial use, as well as the distribution of packaging and palletizing machines.

 Following an ambitious development strategy, 2B Solvent focuses on technological innovation and building a team that maintains strong partnership relations with customers. Therefore, the 2B Solvent reference list includes the largest production and trade brands, and together with the sister company 2B in Bosnia and Herzegovina, exports the majority of its production output to the EU market and CEFTA countries.

Speed and flexibility



Our distribution and partner network enable us to deliver any type and quantity of products in the shortest time on the market, and our own production enables us to respond to customer needs in a simple, fast and flexible way.

Reliability and partnership


Most of our team has been with us since the very beginning and over the years we have grown into a group of professionals who have a strong sense of belonging to the company and dedication to our mission. Only such a team could build the fair, reliable and long-term relationships we have today with partners and customers.



Our product range and sales practice are dominated by recyclable and environmentally friendly tapes and adhesives. The guidelines in our development work and technological innovations are the principles of sustainable business and environmental protection standards.