Decorative crepe tape

Decorative crepe tape are most often used when painting, to mask places that we don’t want to paint. Then, after the work , we can easily remove the strips from the surface – without leaving any adhesive residue and without damaging the surface.
Protective/crepe tapes are available in a full range of widths. Adhesion is a key property for their usability. Protective tapes are available in several versions. For coloring, a marker tape of medium stickiness made of thinner crepe paper is most suitable.

Crepe tape can also be used to quickly write inscriptions on other goods. You can easily peel off the tape later.

Decorative crepe tape is designed as a product for multiple functions in the family, it is enough for painting work in an apartment up to 90 m2, the rest for decorations, for children’s entertainment or packing packages that we send by mail or courier service. The product does not leave marks on parquet and furniture and is easily removed for up to 8 days, so it is suitable for children to have fun in their rooms. The product is 100% made of natural materials and is recycled with every other paper. Set of 5 different ribbon decorations.