Guided by the motto that in our offer you can find products that ensure the stabilization of pallets and packaging, we single out the item Bubble wrap from the offer.

Bubble wrap is a material consisting of two layers of polyethylene foil, between which small air pockets are embedded that create air bubbles.

This film is often used as a protective packaging for various objects because it provides protection against shocks, vibrations and other damages during transport or storage.

It comes in different thicknesses, depending on the purpose. Larger thicknesses are used to protect heavy and sensitive objects, while thinner foils are used for less sensitive objects.

Bubble wrap is a relatively cheap and effective material for protecting objects from damage during transport or storage, so it is often used in industry.


  • Length: 200m
  • Width: 1250 mm
  • 250 m²
  • Transparent – allows a visual inspection of the product
  • Protects products from moisture and weather effects
  • Easy to use