2B2 tape is an original product of the 2B company. It is aimed at the use in food processing industry as well as at home, for packing foodstuffs, such as bread, fruits and vegetables.

It is consisted of a sealing machine, PVC self-adhesive tape and paper tape enabling:

  • Affordable and simple, one-move sealing
  • Keeping foodstuffs protected and fresh
  • Resealing the bag with self-adhesive tape and paper tape
  • Branding of the sealing machine and self-adhesive tape with chosen logo and text

2B2 machine

2B2 machine is compact, practical and simple to use both at home and in industry. It is available in different colors, and may be branded with chosen logo and text. It can be purchased separately.
Dimensions 25cm x 5cm x 15cm
Weight 1.14 kg
Material Metal

2B2 system availability (countries)